During winter holidays, characters from the animation movie “Frozen” came to life on the stage of the Opera and Ballet Theater “Maria Biesu”. Sandra Ice Cream was the partner of this enchanting play, which turned out to be a huge success among children. Everyone had a taste of the Sandra Prestige ice cream and had the chance to take pictures with their beloved characters, Elsa, Anna and Olaf, in the Selfie Box, which was a gift on behalf of our team.


 Who doesn’t love Christmas presents? From December 12 to December 22, the 21st edition of the Christmas Caravan was organized by the “Clipa Siderala” Foundation. SANDRA has been a loyal participant at this charity event for about 10 years, an event which brings smiles and joy on the faces of children from boarding schools and socially vulnerable families from Republic of Moldova. 


Olympic EcoFest took place in the Valea Morilor park, that holds a special place in the hearts of Chisinau citizens. There were many sports and eco activities organized as part of the event. Volunteers participated in running competitions and they were awarded with different prizes and gifts. SANDRA Ice Cream was part of this energetic and healthy event, having as its mission the fulfillment of all the participants’ sweet tooth with its delicious ice cream.  The participants were happy to indulge in the freshning taste of Sandra ice cream. Children also had their share of fun with such beloved characters as Elsa, Anna and Olaf, in a special area where an all-time favorite activity was held - face painting for kids.


Sandra Ice Cream’s team created an explosion of colors, flavors and smiles at the 2017 Cucuteni Festival! Sandra was the general sponsor of this original festival dedicated to art, ceramics and painting. More than 3000 guests had the chance to chill in one of the hottest days of this summer with the exceptional flavors of Sandra Ice Cream. Sandra’s range of ice cream delighted everyone's senses and tastes. Moreover, everyone had the opportunity to take a selfie with family and friends at the Sandra Selfie Box.


Sandra Prestige’s flavors were the stars of delicious desserts prepared in the restaurants and coffee bars. The master class was organized for the chefs and owners of various restaurants from the capital and it was presented by one of the best local chefs. The natural flavors of chocolate, strawberry, passion fruit, vanilla, raspberries were the secret weapons of the chef that was invited to the show. He used all his skills to create delicious desserts, all made from ice cream. Meanwhile, the bartender created magic in cocktail glasses, successfully mixing all Sandra's amazing flavors.


Sandra started this summer with the Summer Fest Festival! A true celebration of good music and good mood. The event took place in Dendrariu Park, with famous local artists such as Carla's Dreams, Alternosfera, Dan Balan, Zdob and Zdub and many others. Sandra was the delicious and refreshing partner of this spectacular event. All those who have chosen to enjoy a Sandra ice cream have had the opportunity to capture this delightful moment with a photo taken by Sandra’s Selfie Box. We are always happy to create beautiful memories for all Sandra Ice Cream fans.


On the 1st of June we celebrated the International Children’s Day. On this special day we sponsored the event organized by the ProArtCultura Public Association. In order to entertain the children and satisfy their curiosity on the production of ice cream we drew together a huge ice cream and watched a 5D movie which conveyed exactly the magical world of Sandra ice cream and the production of the most delicious ice creams.


The famous Romanian band 3 SUD EST came to the Republic of Moldova to celebrate with their fans the band’s 20th anniversary. The guys organized an extraordinary show, in which they delighted the audience with their most famous songs. The concert was sponsored by Sandra Ice Cream and the most loyal fans had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the finest and most exquisite ice cream flavors.


Leningrad, the legendary Russian band, organized an amazing show in Chisinau, with many guests from across the country. The concert was sponsored by Sandra Ice Cream and the guests sweetened themselves with a wide range of savory ice cream. And that's because we like to be in the middle of the most important events and as close as possible to you!


On 13th of May Republic of Moldova celebrated the Europe Day - one of the European symbols meant to promote unity among all citizens.  At the event were present the European Union embassies and the officials of the Republic of Moldova. On this occasion, in the city center  was inaugurated the European Town where everyone was invited to participate and delight themselves with the finest and tastiest ice cream Sandra, given for free. Sandra is always in the middle of the events, glad to share with all people the most delicious ice cream.


Sandra Ice Cream is present at the most outstanding events, and this time Sandra was partner at one of the most beautiful spring balls – The Aquarelle Ball. The event brought together television stars and singers, businessmen and politicians. During the evening, the guests enjoyed the songs of the different performers. This time, the special guest of the ball was Carla's Dreams who entertained the event guests. To the delight of all guests, the evening ended on sweet ice cream notes offered by Sandra.


In March, women’s month, took place the most colorful and stylish spring event: Moldova Fashion Days 2017. The event hosted the presentation of the new spring-summer 2017 collections of the local brands. The event was sponsored by Sandra Ice cream and on this occasion all the guests had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the finest flavors of premium ice cream. Throughout the evening, all the guests have admired the models of clothing and accessories and enjoyed the ice cream.


In September 2016, the Mimi castle has opened in the Anenii Noi district of Moldova. It was built in 1901 by Constantin Mimi, the last Governor of Bessarabia. After restoration it was reopened and is one of the most beautiful chateaus in Moldova. A big event was organized for the opening, where local and international singers like “Mashina vremeni” from Russia performed. Event guests enjoyed a wide variety of Sandra ice-cream flavors, available at the festivity, sweetening their day with a cool delight.


Sandra loves the authentic events and for this reason it was the General sponsor at Gustar – the biggest musical event of the year. The name of the festival “Gustar” has latin roots, which might be translated from the traditional form as the month of August, the month when you can fully enjoy all the ripe fruits Moldova has to offer. Through the years when the festival was held, it was not only one with the biggest national value but also one marked by people from our country in their calendars as a “must go” were they can meet new people or reunite with old friends. The festival is like an umbrella gathering various cultures with good music, a great example of intercultural exchange. Sandra created a magical especially decorated ice-cream area, where everyone could enjoy premium ice-cream, enjoy face painting or take a picture as a gift. Enjoy summer events with Sandra!


14th of July was an elegant and charming event, organized at the French Ambassador's residence in Moldova. The ingredients? A beautiful ice sculpture of Tour Eiffel made by Chef Gerard Taurin and his wife, Veronique Taurin – special guests of Sandra, happy and smiling people, amazing atmosphere, and of course ... lots of delicious Sandra ice-cream! 


On 1st of June Sandra offered  free ice-cream for all the kids who came in Cathedral Park, Chisinau to celebrate children’s day. Taken by surprise, promoters and employees who participated in the distribution of ice creem, barely handeled thousands of fans who came to enjoy their favorite dessert from Sandra. We hope all participants enjoyed our actions for the celebrations of the Children’s Day.


Sandra opens its doors for all the kids to visit the ice-cream factory. Here they can see the entire process: how raw materials are selected, blended, cooled to take the well known ice-cream form and then packed and stored in giant refrigerators. Also kids can find interesting information about ice-cream, where it is exported and how may days it takes for it to get to African countries. The factory tour finishes with the visitors having ice-cream.


Do you know who stays behind the mysterious taste of Sandra ice-cream? The factory collaborates with the best ice-cream makers: Gerard Taurin and Jean Jacque Borne, with the honorable title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France. They developed the premium Prestige ice-cream variety. The collaboration with Gerard Taurin started with 14 years ago when he helped us find the best ice-cream recipe, loved by all our customers. Nowadays, the Sandra portfolio represents a rich range of classic, fruity and gourmand mixture flavors that is continuously developing to satisfy even the most sophisticated consumer.